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When considering joining one of our programs we encourage you to consider the cost of your attendance as an investment.  Not simply as part of your academic education, but in shaping the person you are. We understand the cost of that investment is substantial, so for those who show a great potential to succeed and grow from traveling with us, yet would otherwise be unable to attend without financial assistance; we welcome you to apply for financial assistance.  As funds are limited, we do request that only those that truly need assistance request it.  The total amount of funds available for any given program will vary and there are programs where no funding is available.

You must:

  • Participant on our program must be enrolled in high school or higher and educational institution.
  • Between the ages of 14-23 years of old
  • have a valid passport by the application deadline with at least 1 year’s validity
  • Have a passion for volunteering
  • be available to participate on the program on the given date
  • Personal Reference: provide a reference from a teacher, employer, coach, adviser, or mentor to speak to your merits and involvement in your educational or extracurricular activities.
  • Letter from Parent or Guardian: to confirm that there is a true need for financial assistance. A prerequisite for scholarship award would be commitment to the following:-After returning from volunteer experience, the recipient must submit a travel blog in writing or audio video (1000 characters’ max (with images), no more than 5 minutes if video



We accept scholarship applications on a rolling basis and will endeavor to respond within 30 days to each individual application Very rarely are we able to provide more than half the program fee. We determine eligibility based on need, chronology of application, amount needed. Airfare, passport, and discretionary spending money are the responsibility of the participant.  Once a scholarship determination has been accepted, the applicant will need to submit an official program enrollment application along with a deposit.


1 Applicant Info.
2 Parent/Legal Guardian Info.
3 Applicant Essay
4 Financial Aid Info.