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Alternative Winter Break

Are you a college or university student thinking about using your winter break to travel abroad? To see the world from a different perspective and make an impact to a community in need?

Volunteering in Jamaica on an alternative winter break trip allows you to escape the cold and put your vacation to good use! It’s an opportunity to gain a global perspective and independence that isn’t possible from a classroom or textbook. You will learn about a new culture on a deeper level, boost your resume and employment prospects, and make new friends with local Jamaicans and fellow volunteers from around the world.
So why do we need your help? Unfortunately a large number of Jamaicans are struggling with poverty and living in squalor. Poor housing, limited food supply, unemployment, and inadequate access to quality health care and education is crippling this beautiful island. So while Jamaica is a fascinating country filled with beauty, adventure and vitality, the suffering is widespread – and rapidly increasing.

This is why Jamaica is now a volunteer and winter break destination of choice. Students love to travel to warm, beautiful countries during the long winter to work side-by-side locals and effect some real social change. We have a huge range of volunteer projects, so there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re working with children, caring for the disabled, or supporting healthcare efforts – we help you find purpose by helping others, one winter break at a time.

And because safety isn’t just a slogan – it’s our business – we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We’re here, in-country, 24 hours a day. We also deploy an experienced local team to be your helping hand on-the-ground, on-the-spot, in every destination.

  • Jamaica is a leading volunteer and alternative winter break destination of choice
  • “Live, work and play” in a local community and learn the importance of resourcefulness, empathy, confidence and leadership
  • It will be a gift that keeps on giving!

Alternative Winter Break Projects are are available in: