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Responsible volunteering and travel

At Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions we are guided by our commitment to responsible volunteering and travel.

So what does it mean in practice? Well, it means the impact of our organization, our projects, and our volunteers has to be meaningful and sustainable. It means all our business decisions and operations – from the projects we hand-pick, to the local people we partner with, to the accommodation and transport we provide – has to make a positive impact.

It’s about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment. It’s about making travel and volunteering in Jamaica more responsible. It’s about our 5 P’s….

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We’ve been in this game a long time and have extremely high standards. We only hand-pick projects that are sustainable and have a lasting, positive, impact on the local community.

But we don’t just leave it there. We continually monitor and assess our projects to ensure they are running effectively and are receiving the maximum benefit from volunteers. It’s the bonus of being a locally owned and operated organization. We’re here with our eyes and ears on the ground, 24-7.

Whether it’s working with children, community development, or conservation work on land or sea, all our projects provide access to benefits and services which are under-resourced, under-funded or non-existent in Jamaica.


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We don’t accept just anyone into our volunteer programs! We have a rigorous application and screening process for volunteers, ensuring they meet age, qualification (if relevant) and criminal background check criteria. We then spend time matching volunteers to the most appropriate projects.

And we don’t just work with any Tom, Dick or Harry! We only employ and work with trusted and experienced locals and organizations, because who knows Jamaica like Jamaicans?! It also ensures the financial benefit remains in the community where it’s needed most.

We also employ people with disabilities and encourage people with disabilities to apply to our volunteer programs. We’re proud to value diversity and promote an inclusive environment for everyone.


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We provide an opportunity for volunteers to see the world from a different perspective.

Culture exchange occurs before, during and after a volunteer leaves our sunny shores. We provide detailed information about cultural norms and behaviors, in pre-departure packs, during orientation, and any time you need to access our in-country support.

We are committed to helping volunteers better understand the culture of the people you meet in the places you visit. We help you work local, live local and shop local.Through responsible volunteering, travel becomes less invasive and more beneficial to the local community.


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We carefully consider and protect the social, economic and environmental impacts of everything we do.

We detest poverty marketing. We serve to protect the vulnerable – not exploit them! We commit to straight talking when it comes to our volunteers, making sure you’re aware of expectations and challenges.

And because we’re a locally owned and operated organization, volunteer fees remain in Jamaica – not some overseas conglomerate.


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Fundamentally, responsible volunteering is about getting more out of your travel by giving back to the people and places you encounter along the way.We want you to enjoy it for all it can be – fulfilling, educational, adventurous and rewarding.


We believe travel and volunteering in Jamaica must be done responsibly, respectfully, and with the pursuit of benefiting local communities and the environment.

Want to know what else we believe? Check out our four guiding principles.