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Study Abroad

Study_abroad_IconAre you a Faculty or Study Abroad Advisor searching for an academically challenging, culturally immersive, safe and structured short term study abroad program?

At Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions we specialize in the international volunteer and student travel abroad market. Backed by our network of local organisation and our team of experienced Program Advisors;  we work closely with you to design and customize faculty-led study abroad programs in Jamaica to achieve your course and learning objectives.

A study abroad in Jamaica allows your students to gain a positive and unique experience by immersing in a different culture while obtaining hands-on field experience for credit or for academic learning. As a faculty accompanying your students, you will be able to cultivate a stronger bond with your students, and assess the ability of your students to translate classroom learning into practical use. Our network of local organisations will offer your students the opportunity to effect change both in Jamaica and their home country as our program gives students firsthand experience from which they can develop proposals to effect change.

How we support you?

  • We support you in planning the details of your educational trip itinerary. Once we have an understanding of your objectives we’ll co-create the study abroad experience consistent with our network of local opportunities.

  • Our team of Program Advisors will provide you with personalized support to get your proposal approved by working closely with you and providing you with all the necessary information such as risk assessment manuals to ensure your desired study abroad program to Jamaica is given the stamp of approval.

  • We assist you achieving your recruitment target for your program through live info sessions to facilitate Q & A’s and any concerns you or a student might have.

Program Structure

  • Our study abroad programs are available in a variety of disciplines and they are available all year round.

  • The experience comprises of field work opportunities helps to create contrast, comparison and intrigue for students and faculty alike.

  • Engagement and workshops with local experts from private and public organisation designed to complement your course objectives and learning outcomes for your students. 


We invite you to view our vast array of study abroad programs in Jamaica which spans various fields and disciplines.

Contact us today to learn more or let us help you customize a program to Jamaica.

Jamaica is a great place to execute a Africana Studies program. Whether it be on slave trade facts, culture,or politics. Work along with our knowledgeable Program Advisors to create your own customized program and itinerary to fit your academic discipline.
If you are seeking a rich and diverse Natural Resources program; Jamaica is a great place to start, we have it all here. Work along with our Program Advisors to create your own customized itinerary set to fit your academic needs or work from a previously used itinerary.
Get inspiration on building your own Social Sciences program on Caribbean Economy, Mental Rehabilitation and the list goes on. Browse the programs below to get started, or discover how Dana D’Angelo used one to create her own personalized syllabus.
Caribbean countries face numerous medical challenges. come and learn how creative and innovative our healthcare system in Jamaica has become. Discover how university professors created their own nursing programs in Jamaica for their students.
Create a great Hospitality and Tourism Management Program for you student here in Jamaica. Work along with our knowledgeable Program Advisors to create your ideal customized program or work from an itinerary previously created by another professor.
Visit Jamaica and enhance your academic learning through community service and volunteering. We customize service projects for students, schools and faculties like yours looking for service learning opportunities. Our Program Advisors are ready to assist you.
What better place to carry out a Sporting program than in Jamaica- the sporting capital of the world. Work alongside the world's greatest; customize your own program and see how educators like yourself customized their programs that you may also work from.
As a developing country STEM has been a leading contribution to our country's overall growth and development. We have a lot to offer your students and would love to learn from you as well. See how educators have customized itineraries to fit their students needs.