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Teachers, Faculty & Program Directors

When you bring your students to Jamaica through Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions, you are opening up a whole new world of experience for them.

Whether it’s part of an alternative break trip during your spring, summer or winter vacation; or at any time during the year as part of a service learning, study abroad or group field trip. You will be able to cultivate a stronger bond with your students, and judge the ability of your students to translate classroom learning into practical use. We provide project placement, pre-arrival assistance, accommodations, food, transport, and in-country support; so you only have to worry about getting your first group together!

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A fantastic opportunity for learning

Learning opportunities for students include the history and culture of Jamaica, an examination of the poverty of the country, and field-specific educational lessons. It also provides an emphasis on having a global perspective, traveling responsibly, and working as a team. In particular, your students will: 

  • Learn the importance of volunteering and giving their time to those less fortunate
  • Discover new talents and hidden skills
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Engage in field-specific educational lessons
  • Explore the history and culture of Jamaica
  • Examine the poverty of the country
  • Participate in hands-on field experience for students earning credit or enhancing their educational experience
  • Gain a global perspective
  • Understand the importance of traveling responsibly
  • Work together as a team

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An education beyond the classroom

When students volunteer abroad, they learn so much beyond the classroom. Volunteering in different countries gives students a new perspective on their own lives, as they give their time to those less fortunate. International volunteerism is a great way to reinforce empathy and a global perspective. Additionally, students benefit from volunteering because it makes them challenge themselves; every challenge achieved is a confidence-builder.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for students to gain hands-on field experience for those seeking study abroad, experiential education or cultural immersion experiences.


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Local experience

Our expeditions offer a local experience, so students can see the indigenous cultures of Jamaica and explore the island in a way most visitors don’t have the opportunity to – all while giving back to its people. There is so much to see in Jamaica, from scenic waterfalls to majestic rainforests, and so many ways in which to see it, whether by hiking, zip lining, or even diving into the Caribbean for a close-up view of the coral.


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Safety first safety always

We recognize that traveling overseas can be overwhelming, but we ensure the physical and emotional safety of all of our students with our Safety 8 protocol. Because we are local to Jamaica, we know how to navigate the country and understand its cultures and people. We provide safe accommodations personally selected and assessed by our organization. Transportation vehicles are registered and driven by licensed drivers. We greet all volunteers at the airport, and drop-off and pick-up is included for all of our projects.

Our philosophy of “controlled independence” means that a Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions field coordinator is assigned to each group for the entirety of your trip. We are also on-call 24 hours a day, every day, in case emergencies arise. And we have a number for loved ones back home to call, should they need to reach a student.


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We do the work

Allow us to do the work when it comes to arranging the details of your group expedition. We can accommodate school groups of any size, and cater the itinerary to your group’s goals: from service learning trips to alternative spring breaks. Our expedition itineraries enhance your experience and enable you to choose your own path – and limits! We also have adventure and cultural tours so students get the most out of every experience.


Start the journey today,If you want to know how you and your students could benefit from a unique international volunteering and learning opportunity, get in touch with us today. Allow one of our dedicated program advisors to customize a perfect itinerary and educational experience for you and your group.


With Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions, you and your students will:

  • Be safe, secure and supported at all times. Check out our Safety-8 protocol
  • Engage in meaningful volunteer projects where you will “live, work and play” in local communities
  • Enjoy a customised group trip and itinerary tailored to suit your particular goals and objectives. Check out our projects, specially designed high school teen volunteering, or projects for college or university students
  • Enjoy an affordable travel abroad option with cost-effective projects and group discounts specifically for student volunteers. Contact us directly to request a quote for your group (we also assist with fundraising tips and ideas!)
  • Experience first-hand community-driven service. Check out our responsible volunteering guide
  • Have all your accommodation, food, transportation, projects and tours organized. Check out what we provide
  • Travel to an overseas country that is easily accessible via international airports, ease of visa and vaccination requirements, access to quality medical services in case of emergency, and doesn’t have a foreign language barrier. Check out why volunteer in Jamaica?
  • Have a well-structured expedition itinerary full of cultural, recreational and experiential educational opportunities.