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Why Volunteer in Jamaica

Jamaica has something for everyone. We have sun, sand, beaches, mountains, rivers, sport, music, culture, cuisine, and more. About the only thing we don’t have is snow – not that it stopped the Jamaican Bobsled Team!

However, a large number of Jamaicans are struggling with poverty and living in squalor: poor housing, limited food supply, unemployment, and inadequate access to quality health care and education. So while Jamaica is a fascinating country filled with beauty, adventure and vitality, the suffering is widespread – and rapidly increasing.

This is why Jamaica is now a volunteer destination of choice. Come and see how you can get involved, make a difference and be inspired by possibility.

If you’re looking for an ideal destination to volunteer abroad, study abroad or as a teen volunteer; or seeking a trip for your alternative winter break or alternative spring break. Or maybe just somewhere to volunteer or study on your next summer abroad? Then here’s a few reasons why Jamaica could be the perfect choice for you.


Jamaica is a perfect destination for English speakers. No need to worry about a language barrier! English is the official language, but it’s not the only language you’ll hear on the island. Jamaican Patois is widely spoken and you might even “return home wid some criss sayings” (return home with some new sayings)!



Jamaica is one of the most central and accessible islands in the Caribbean. It’s only an hour flight from Florida, USA. But if it’s remote you’re looking for, then we have that too. You can explore the wilderness of the Cockpit Country or escape into the Blue Mountains, where you can also sample the world-famous coffee!



From language to music, food to painting, Jamaica has a multifaceted culture unique to the world. You can discover the Rastafarian religion of nurturing the inner spirit, or sample some of the richly flavored cuisine and aromatic spices of the Caribbean. Of course, Jamaicans are also known for their love of dance and music; the influence of reggae will follow you passionately across your island travels.


BEST ON FIELDrunners_03

Do you love sport and adventure? Then come to Jamaica and join other likeminded sporting enthusiasts – we’re a country famous for it. We love our track & field, our cricket, our football (you may know it as soccer), our basketball or netball. Basically anything that has a reference to “sport” and we’ll be in it to win it. Or just having fun along the way.



Flip flops and coconuts, palm trees and bathing huts. Ice-creams and sweet dreams, swim suits and shooting hoops. Say hello to summer in Jamaica all year round! We’re famous for our tropical climate and beautiful beaches where the tans might fade, but the memories will last a lifetime.


WE SMILE. YOU SMILEsmilehead_03 

Jamaica’s motto is “Out of Many, One People” due to our rich and diverse culture blended from around the world. And it is these very “people” who are renowned for being naturally warm, friendly, welcoming and gracious. It is not unusual for visitors to be greeted with huge smiles and open arms as soon as you arrive on our sunny shores.