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Welcome JVE Alumni


Come join in a network, stay connected, and leave an even bigger impression on JA!
Goodbyes are hard to do – but why should we say goodbye this time? There is no question in knowing that you have made a tremendous impact and have touched the lives of individuals here in Jamaica in a way that cannot be justified in words. It is a feeling. Your influence is indefinite and some of the beneficiaries have yet to be reached. In other words, your projects provide longstanding benefits for those in the community! Continue your contribution to JA by staying connected through the Jamaica Volunteer Expedition Alumni Network.


Tell Friends, colleagues, and your family about how great your trip was and spread the love for JVE. The referee of the referral or prospective volunteer will not only get to be included on the experience of a lifetime, they will also receive $100 toward the cost of their trip. Additionally, you will get 100 program credits that will be able to be redeemed in this way (hyperlink to be developed) Refer as many as you’d like, there is not limit on this. What’s nice is the process is very easy: just sign this form and let us get to know them. When your referral enrolls on a trip, we will give you the credits to be used I whichever way you please.

Everybody wins – it’s quick and easy to refer a friend and both of you will benefit with credits. THINK: future trips, merchandise donation toward the local community. So many choices.


What a better way to hear about the volunteer experience than from an actual previous past volunteer? Many people are very intrigued and want to hear more about your experience- an info session is a perfect venue for this. When you sign up to do an information session, you will receive credit (Again, to be used in any way you choose) We will help you prepare and set up the interested participants. It’s also great if you could get some people to sit in and hear about things from your lens.

We have found most people enjoy telling their story about Jamaica and essentially that’s what an info session is. When you gather the names and prospective participants you $150 in credit to cash-in. Sign up now – you could be instrumental in changing a life.


A Campus representative is the role that belongs to an alumni that is enthusiastic and feels strongly about volunteering. In becoming a campus representative, you are becoming a leader in the international volunteer market. You are seeking to commit to participating in a variety of campus-ready promotional activities such as, passing out brochures, postering , hosting meetings and talking with faculty and students alike. Having access to a superior campus portal will aid in streamlining this process for you. The process will involve weekly challenges related to marketing and social media, for example. Some tasks are worth up to $150 in credit. By the end of the semester, you may be able to earn enough credit to travel back to Jamaica while never touching your pocket.

This is the ultimate way to earn credit in that the challenges consistently present such opportunities . The fun lies in the variety of different activities involved and how each is linked to earning a different amount of credit.


The iCAN Foundation is our own charitable organization that works to provide additional funding to JVE projects and to others in the community, By participating in fundraising and in gathering donations, you will be helping not only with funds, but also with shifting attention to important issues. Continue your volunteer efforts, create long-lasting relationships and participate in a way sure to bring sustainable change one step at a time.

Don’t let your effort stop at the walls of the project or when you board the plane. Further your help of the cause by continuing your support and bringing outreach to various issues burdening Jamaica.


They say our youth are the future – they are responsible for approaching and developing solutions to the problems that face smaller societies, and the world at large. Help bring these young people exposure to how vital and transformative volunteering can be. Find a local high school , meet school and local leaders and in no time, you will be adopt them. In other words, help them learn about JVE and set them up to enroll in a trip. Think this may be something you’re interested in? Send us details on the high school and you can direct them in forming meetings for those interested. We can help you develop what to present and tips to help them enroll. Everybody wins! When the students from that school enroll, you’ll be able to build up and earn more credits.

This is great because you are inspiring the next generation in an effort to alleviate the socioeconomic problems that are part of various cycles of poverty which too often plague developing countries, such as Jamaica.


Whether you want to buy a hoodie, some delicious locally grown Blue Mountain Coffee, or our famous homemade jerk sauce, for example, the JVE Online Shop is a place to get it all. Remember Jamaica with mementos that will bring you back to the island-each in their own little way. Every purchase includes a charitable donation to the Ican Foundation which is active in developing a number of locally based community initiatives across Jamaica. Link to the Store.

Supporting local business is always a tremendous way to create a ripple and impact an entire community. Additionally, the quality is unparalleled and the accessories are namely handmade and very authentically Jamaican.


We do hope that you enjoyed your volunteer experience with JVE. Sometimes, most times, pictures are worth a thousand words. Various multi-media strategies have been a great way to get out the word about Jamaica and volunteering, as a whole We would love it if you could share pictures, collages, videos, stories, or whatever sentiments you’d like. We value creativity! A blog post, a writing, a poem? It’s whatever you choose.

Social media is a fun way to share your trip and express your experience in a way that may even allow you to reflect on moments you had maybe forgotten or hadn’t processed their impact. The sky’s the limit!


Can’t get enough? We understand and we are here waiting. There are benefits waiting too- if you register for your trip within 3 months and receive 20% off your entire trip price. It doesn’t end there-no worries. If your book between 3 and 6 months, you can still receive 10% off the entire trip price. If you need help with fundraising, we can help there too. Click here to check out our fundraising page with creative and proven fundraising techniques.

Jamaica can be just a plane ticket away if you’re ready to make the trip back. It’s an amazing promotional deal – be sure not to miss it while it lasts.


A select number of volunteers will be picked as an intern, prospective employee, or returning volunteer for Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions should the company be seeking staff. It’s an excellent opportunity to extend your love for Jamaica and way to increase and build upon your initial volunteer efforts. An excellent resume builder, working with us is truly the ultimate experience of cultural immersion.

We can’t think of a better way to further your passion for volunteer than doing it full time and working in a business centered around it. There are a variety of capacities in which you can assert yourself in, so you will find yourself with lots of flexibility and choice.


Individual and group travelers alike are constantly seeking to verify the credibility of our programs through references. Understandably, we realize why participants seek to speak with past volunteers. Who better to share their story than someone who has been in the volunteering shoes before? Alumni can be a part of spreading the good word of JVE. Sign up to be a JVE reference and well send these calls and email enquires along to you. Receive $50 credit toward references after committing to a year of fulfilling the role.

Becoming a reference is a very easy way to acknowledge your experience as something that has had an impact on your life. In a quick call, email, or simply in writing a letter, you can give someone the peace of mind to make the leap and finally book the volunteer trip they were always thinking about.