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Kingston is Jamaica at its most authentic. It bustles with the vibrancy of city life – people, nightlight, noise and traffic – a contrast from the laid-back north coast resort towns and remote areas.

You can volunteer in Jamaica and discover the spirit of One Love at the Bob Marley Museum, walk through the tranquil gardens of Devon House, or visit Port Royal for a dose of pirate history – just like your very own Pirates of the Caribbean. And if you’re wanting to party, the city of Kingston never sleeps! Its nightlife ranges from formal clubs to informal street dances complete with giant speakers and the biggest artists in dancehall and reggae.

However, beyond all the development and entertainment; areas in Kingston, Jamaica will have you feeling disheartened as a large amount of individuals are living in squalor. Kingstonians are struggling with poverty, unemployment, access to quality education and healthcare. By choosing to volunteer in Kingston , Jamaica you could work with children at an orphanage, care for the elderly or help improve the quality of care for people with disabilities (just to name a few of our projects). Volunteers in Kingston, Jamaica will have the rewarding opportunity to help improve the lives of local people while immersing in a culture so unique, varied and full of life .

Choose Kingston, Jamaica as part of your itinerary and find purpose by helping others, one trip at a time.

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Experience the in’s and out’s of our busy cosmopolitan capital Kingston as your girls encounter service experiences that will expose them to diversity as they Take Action in the community.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Assist senior citizens who due to increasing economic pressures and shifting family roles are without a proper support network to care for them.
Students will rub shoulders with members of the community and understand that despite limited resources they still manage to survive by turning to God in faith.