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Ocho Rios

ocho-riosVolunteer in Ocho Rios

Thinking about volunteering abroad? Why not volunteer in Ocho Rios. In the last twenty years “Ochi”, as it is affectionately known by the locals, has grown from a small, sleepy fishing village into a world-class tourist destination. It is a port of call for cruise ships, where passengers disembark to find luxury plazas filled with international brands, or choose to visit the more traditional stalls and stores to uncover pieces of authentic Jamaica.

But Ocho Rios is not just a shopper’s paradise. The scenic centerpiece of Jamaica’s north coast offers spectacular sights and exhilarating expeditions for visitors of all ages, particularly those with a passion for ecotourism and adventure. Our volunteers in Ocho Rios spend their weekends climbing the world famous Dunn’s River Falls to scuba diving or sailing along the spectacular coastline, swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove, zip lining across the forest canopy at Mystic Mountain, or take a thrilling ‘bobsled’ ride through the mountain’s dense foliage (yes, the bobsled was inspired by the classic film Cool Runnings!).


By choosing to volunteer in Ocho Rios, you will be able to truly experience a volunteer vacation as you spend time in this lush tropical destination full of friendly locals, amazing biodiversity and natural resources. You may be inspired to help save baby turtles in one of our environment & conservation projects in Oracabessa, or care for neglected animals in animal welfare. And like other regions of Jamaica the people of Ochi are faced with issues such seasonal opportunities, unemployment and limited access to quality education due to most schools being faced with a lack of resources. Our volunteers may choose to work with children at an orphanage or assist in the classroom as teaching assistants. As always, the choice is yours.

Include Ocho Rios in your volunteer travel itinerary and combine your passion for the great outdoors with giving back. Volunteer in Ocho Rios to help preserve Ochi’s famous flora and fauna for future generations.

Pair your passion for animals and traveling whilst gaining valuable experience working in an animal shelter, and soak up the true "Ochi" lifestyle in a friendly and laid back community.
Here’s your opportunity to travel the world and combine your love of sport at the same time. Coaches need your enthusiasm and assistance to develop the talents and skills of these children.
The orphanage offers the opportunity for volunteers to work alongside local caregivers to help run the facility and provide attention and care to the children.
Take part in an exciting teaching project in this tropical town that will fully integrate you into the local community and leave you forever in love with the warm and friendly locals.
Channel your passion for the environment to conserve the sea turtle species. With your help, energy and enthusiasm for the environment you can assist in the efforts by locals to rebuild the sea turtle population.