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Are you a high school student looking for a teen volunteer experience? Or perhaps a college or university student seeking voluntary work abroad to broaden your perspective, to enhance your academic learning, or to count towards your coursework?

At Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions we support students by providing project-based or individual service opportunities to give back to the local communities in Jamaica. Whether it’s an alternative break during your spring, summer or winter vacation; as part of a teen volunteering program during summer; or at any time during the year as part of a service learning, study abroad, intern abroad or group trip. The meaningful service you experience will help you grow not just as a student, but as an individual in a rapidly increasing global community.


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Gain Valuable experience

The experience gained during your time with us will prove invaluable when you apply for entrance to college or university, or seek employment as a new graduate. Participating in a volunteer or study abroad program proves that you are someone who enjoys new and exciting challenges, actively seeks hands-on experience, and who wishes to be an agent of positive change in the world around them. Our programs provide a multidimensional experience that will leave a lasting impression on your mind and heart.


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See the real Jamaica

Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions offers a much deeper and more meaningful experience than that of your everyday, Caribbean picture-postcard holiday. With us you will see a Jamaica that the average tourist or student doesn’t know exists. Travel the lesser known streets and communities and experience a personal and heartfelt encounter with the people, culture and history of our beautiful island. Your presence will make a lasting difference in the lives of those living in the many impoverished communities on the island.

Whether you are an adventurous teen looking for an exciting new learning experience, or a college or university student who would like to put what you have already learned to good use, we manage a variety of projects that offer hands-on life, work or career experience.


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Local experience

Our expeditions offer a local experience, so students can see the indigenous cultures of Jamaica and explore the island in a way most visitors don’t have the opportunity to – all while giving back to its people. There is so much to see in Jamaica, from scenic waterfalls to majestic rainforests, and so many ways in which to see it, whether by hiking, zip lining, or even diving into the Caribbean for a close-up view of the coral.


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Have fun

It’s not only about work and study. Our well-planned itineraries include educational, recreational and cultural tours which ensure that you experience all that the island has to offer.


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Safety Protocol

All of our volunteer projects are run according to our Safety-8 protocol. From our meet-and-greet at the airport to ensuring your accommodation meets the highest standards. We are highly experienced in looking after teenagers and young adults; our team on the ground will ensure your stay is made as comfortable as possible, whilst still allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the island.


  • Experience new and exciting challenges, and engage in meaningful volunteer projects where you will “live, work and play” in local communities
  • Gain valuable experience; and make a real and lasting difference in the lives of others
  • Join projects designed specifically for your age group or field of study. Check out our projects, specially designed teen volunteering, or projects for college or university students
  • Enjoy an affordable travel abroad option with cost-effective projects tailored specifically for student volunteers. Check out our project fees
  • Have all your accommodation, food, transportation, projects and tours organized. Check out what we provide
  • Be safe, secure and supported at all times. Check out our Safety-8 protocol
  • Travel to an overseas country that is easily accessible via international airports, ease of visa and vaccination requirements, access to quality medical services in case of emergency, and doesn’t have a foreign language barrier. Check out why volunteer in Jamaica?
  • Have a well-structured expedition itinerary, full of cultural, recreational and experiential educational opportunities. Check out some of our adventure & cultural tours