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Summer Service Learning

Designed especially for college students, this program will allow you to escape and relax before the hustle and bustle of college life begins. Whether you are looking to take a senior trip or whether you’re an experienced college student who already knows how demanding college can can be, this is the trip for you. Drop your schedules, books , and worries for the ultimate summer break trip!

While in Jamaica, you’ll have the chance to make lifelong friends from all across the world and make an amazing impact on children by working with children in and beyond the classroom. Through sports, games, improving infrastructure or simply in your interactions within the classroom, never underestimate the influence you can have in the life of a child and don’t forget what an impact it will have on you.

 Many of the students who join us on these programs are Jamaica Volunteer alumni but have never seen Jamaica in this way. This trip involves a much deeper experience into cultural

exchange as you will be given more freedom and be able to experience more of the dancehall/party scene here in Jamaica.  


Service Learning

The core of our programs is providing community service to those who are in great need. You will be responsible for making a transformative and sustainable impact to local communities in Jamaica.

Cultural Connections

In traveling across Jamaica and working with the locals, authentic cultural immersion  and connections are one of the main components of our college program.  You will experience the world from a different lens which will be sure to change your world view.

Adventure Activities

After working so hard all year, you deserve a break before the demands of college life become a reality. Enjoy your summer in a way that surpasses all other plans and possibilities.

Ultimate College Escape

Jamaica is synonymous with relaxed, carefree vibes. What a better place to escape to before the demands of college become all too real? In addition to being able to give back to the local children, you will be able to unwind, taking in views of cliffs, beautiful turquoise water...

Program Type
Summer Volunteer Abroad
College Students (Ages19-23)
10 days
Price From