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Teen volunteer abroad


Volunteering in Jamaica during your high school summer or spring break is your opportunity to gain a global perspective and independence that isn’t possible from a classroom or textbook. It will teach you resourcefulness, empathy, confidence and leadership – skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It’s also a handy resume builder for college applications!

We specialize in teen volunteering and international service learning trips for high school students aged 14-18 years. Our huge range of teen volunteer projects allow you to work side-by-side locals, make new friends, and effect some real social change.

And it’s not all work for our fun-loving teenage volunteers. We organize loads of cultural activities and supervised adventure tours that will have you reggae dancing and waterfall climbing in no time.

To volunteer as a teen, simply check out our specially designed teen volunteer projects and hit apply now to get the application ball rolling. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Check if teen volunteering is the best fit for you.

Learn more about how we support students at Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions.

Are you a parent, family member or teacher of a teenager interested in volunteering abroad as a teen? Congratulations! We believe traveling abroad and volunteering is a critical element of a global education. It leads to more well-rounded and globally-minded individuals.

But, we understand you have questions. Please visit our parents or teachers/faculty page, or simply contact us directly if you have something specific on your mind – we’re pretty good at this!



Why do teenagers choose to volunteer abroad? We’ve used our years of experience in the international volunteer and student market to narrow down what we believe are the Top 5 reasons:

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To increase self-confidence and independence

Volunteering as a high school student is a time to challenge yourself: the experience will throw new challenges your way, amidst different cultures and customs, and every challenge achieved is a confidence builder. It fosters a great sense of responsibility and independence to help steer you on a successful path in life.


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To learn beyond the classroom

Jamaica is filled with educational opportunities, opening up a whole new world of experience beyond the walls of a classroom or pages of a textbook. It will give you a new perspective on your own life as you give your time to those less fortunate.


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To strengthen your resume and college applications

In a world where international experience is valued and desired, potential college applicants with volunteer abroad experience will be noticed. Skills acquired through volunteering such as independence, leadership and cultural awareness, are valuable skills that will set you apart from others and boost your college and employment prospects.


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For friendships and cultural connections

Volunteering as a high school student enables you to create lasting friendships with fellow volunteers from all over the world and build inspiring connections with locals from disadvantaged communities. Not only will you meet new and interesting people, you will explore new places, learn new skills, and immerse in a different culture.


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An affordable way to travel

Volunteering is a safe and affordable way to travel, particularly if you choose the right partner organization! As a prospective teen volunteer, look for a reasonably priced package that includes full-time support, orientation, airport pick-up, etc. This is great for young teens who have never traveled abroad before. Your accommodation should be with a local family, guest house or supervised volunteer dorm; keeping the costs low but the fun factor high! Specially designed teen programs should also offer adventure and cultural tours during the week and on weekends – a great way to explore.


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