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Ultimate College Escape

Jamaica is synonymous with relaxed, carefree vibes. What a better place to escape to before the demands of college become all too real? In addition to being able to give back to the local children, you will be able to unwind, taking in views of cliffs, beautiful turquoise water and everything in between. It’s truly a win-win.  If you are looking for a bit more excitement, you will find it in the nightlife and clubs in the island which are a guaranteed good time

    • Indulge in the party atmosphere and enjoy cliff diving at Rick’s Café
    • Help build and refurbish community infrastructure and work with kids in and out of the classroom
    • Get a glimpse of the cultural hub and Jamaica’s capital, Kingston
    • Teach the children sports and other recreational games geared toward developing skills and teaching them values of sportsmanship
    • Enjoy the freedom and relaxed vibes of a 24 acre farm where you will get to call home while in Jamaica.

  • We have had past program participants who have been able to use their service learning experience to gain academic credit. If you wish to receive academic credit, it is your responsibility to seek approval for course credit from your academic advisor or a professor in your department. Universities (and faculties or departments within a university) have different rules regarding independent study and transfer credit. Approval may also depend on your major and the number and type of credit hours you need to complete your degree requirements. JVE strongly advises that you inquire within your department about receiving credit well in advance of your departure date. We are happy to fill out required paperwork and documentation to assist you in this process.

  • Jamaica is a developing country and faces the strains of poverty each day. Unfortunately, these struggles are a true reality for even the children in Jamaica, especially during the summer months. During summer, the children are at home and may lack the few extra resources and attention that they would be given at school. This program is three tiered; it involves renovation and infrastructure development, working with children in a summer school setting and also channeling their energy through sports and recreation.  It is designed to give children an outlet in the summer and through this service project, empowering them in and beyond the classroom.

    Whether you are helping children reach those “aha moments” or simply helping in the classroom, showing your support, your encouragement is sure to have a positive influence on the students’ learning. Beyond the classroom: Through sports, games or simply in your small chats, never underestimate the influence you can have in the life of a child. In lending your time and attention in leading these fun activities, you will not only showing you care, you will also be teaching sportsmanship, social skills, and other values that are truly invaluable life skills.

  • Adventure is an understatement! From cliff jumping and unwinding at Jamaica’s top hot spot, Rick’s Café, to exploring Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston, your trip will be filled with adventure around every corner. 

  • Your home base is a historical estate set on a 24 -acre farm with beautiful mountains serving as its backdrop. The accommodation is located in the village of Walderston, farming community known for its serenity and beauty.  The estate is just 10 minutes from Mandeville, making it in the center of Jamaica and very close and convenient to all projects on the program. The students will share comfortable, gender- segregated, dorm style rooms. The home base delivers a cozy, “at home feeling” and is newly renovated with many Western amenities.